Husband caught his wife with toy and this happens

Mis Ngozi Lovelyn, please post for me.
I want to pour out my anger.
I am 24 year, been married for 4 years now but my husband does not satisfy me. He doesn't even last one minute.
Once he enters, I will be counting it, on the sixth one he will come out and ask me if I enjoyed it. How can I enjoy it when I was not even ready? And when I complain, he will shove me off that I like scc too much. Why won't I complain when he doesn't even last 7 seconds?
I decided to help myself with scc toy, now all hell have been left loose. He saw the toy and started abusing me, that I'm a wor. He called my people and told them what happened, that he will be sending me back to them soon, that he informing them first so that nobody will blame him for throwing me out of his house.
He is so selfish and doesn't care about my feelings. I'm hurting how I will live my whole life without knowing how scc feels like.
Ma Ngozi, do you think it  is wise to divorce him because of this issue?

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