He beats me at the shop until I forcefully give him the momey

Hi madam Love, good evening and how was your day? Sorry to disturb your inbox. Please kindly attend to my issue first before posting it on the reformer group like you did to my friend.

My husband has been on my neck.
He is draining my business and if care is not taking, the business will fold up.
He has his own business, he is into furniture but he keeps demanding money from me.
He was the one who opened the business for me quite alright, but when he saw that I'm doing well, he started demanding money from me unnecessarily. And when I ask him what he is doing with the money, he will say it's none of my business.
And when I also ask him if he is having challenges in his business, he say it's none of my business. He has stopped bringing money for the upkeep of the family. We have 4 children and I'm the one caring for them. I'm just scared of them if something happens to the business. They might go hungry because my husband is not the type who have the interest of providing for the family. And the worst part is that, anytime I tell him that I don't have the amount of money he is requesting, he will beat me to a pulp and sometimes come to my shop and continue beating me there until I give him the money by force. He is too violent and I might slump and die from his beatings. My only fear is my children. Please, I am confused and I don't know how to handle the situation. If I close down the shop, who will take care of my children since he doesn't care about his own children?

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