He jilted a lady for not cleaning his house on her first visit but got a shock of his life

Well, he was not actually seeking for advice, but narrating how he jilted a lady for not washing his clothes and cleaning his house on her first visit to his house, but the reaction he got from people was a shock to him. Read below.

Ngoo, share this post for girls to see how they loose their Mr right carelessly.
I met this beautiful girl on Facebook and we began chatting.
From the chat, she was appearing to be homely and responsible, and because of that, I created this special interest in her, including making up my mind to marry her.
So fast forward to last weekend when I invited her over to my house.
On Saturday, I expected her to help me clean the house and wash my clothes, but she didn't make a move.
Then I got angry and make a statement about it and then asked her to help me wash the clothes, thinking she will say sorry, but she bluntly said she is not washing anything, that I should have told her that I was looking for a dry cleaner before inviting her over to my house. I thought she was only joking then, but she meant it. So I allowed her, on Monday when she left, I bid her final goodbye and deleted her from my Facebook list. What nonsense. A girl who can not wash her boyfriend's clothes, is that one a wife material? Share this post, don't forget to share it.
Emeka Iyke

And below are responses to the post.

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