He asked me to marry another man while he take another wielfe

It is the end of the road for me. It wasn't my wish to marry him from the beginning, my family forced me into the marriage. That he is a good man, that 'time' will teach me how to love him.

Yes, like they said, it became real, I learnt to love him.
But the shock. Am still in the shock.
He said, his love for me is dead, he has another woman he wants to marry.
He is giving me options to leave and find happiness in the hands of another man or stay as his other wife.
But I love him, my happiness lies where he is, how can I cope without him?
Ngozi Lovelyn, what do you think I should do to make him change his mind? What will I do to stop him from making this step of marrying another woman?
I can't stand the notion of sharing the man I love with another woman.
My marriage is 8 years old, we have two sons together.

Below are some of the responses to her issue.

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