Life Story: Woman divorced one year after snatching her best friend's rich husband

When the power of God takes control, when the spell gets broken and the enemy disgraced.
This is a wonderful story that will give you the reason not to stop praying. The wife has finally gotten what belongs to her. But friends.... Even the ones we call our best friends.. Hmmnn... God help us...

Read the story below...

News broke out last year, about the wedding of Patricia Mwelwa, a teacher in Zambia who allegedly snatched her best friend's husband, Davies Mukumbwa who was reported to be rich.

The latest now is that, the marriage has packed up and the goodnews is that, the man has abandoned her and returned to his first wife.
Yea! Allegedly, the spell she used in snatching the man has disappointed her, the man has gotten himself and immediately returned to his first wife. This is the hand of God at work.

Their wedding was highly publicized and mouths gapped after the man surprised her with a brand new Range Rover Sport. But report says that, he has taken the car from her and returned it to his wife, apologizing, saying that the marriage was a mistake.

Last year before the elaborate wedding, immediately after Davies left his wife, he threw a massive kitchen party for Patricia.

Reports have it that, Davies Mukumbwa and his wife were in a constant family issues and being the best friend of the woman, she confided in her, not knowing that, she was a wolf in sheep's clothing. It was even reported that the husband snatcher was a regular visitor in their home and she would always come, pretending to be helping her friend solve her family issues.
Seriously, know who you trust, know who you share your problems with.

It came as a shock to the wife of the man when she saw the photos of her husband and her best friend breaking the social media when he hosted her too a lavish party, just some few weeks before the wedding.

Patricia has been handed with a divorce certificate which dated 12th February 2018.

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